How to maximise your earning potential as an Childbirth Educator and gain the salary you want!

How much do Antenatal Teachers earn?

I suppose it’s a bit like asking 'how long is the proverbial piece of string'? You have probably looked around and not really seen any answers. A simple google will bring up the NCT pay of £18ph for a 12–16-hour course - after paying £12,500 for two years of training, and absolutely nothing else. Yet it is an important question, as the answers will help you decide which pathway and training route, is the right fit for you. However, it varies so much, which is why there is no simple answer. So, let us start by looking at these variables.

Antenatal Teachers Salary v Hypnobirthing Teacher Salary

If you have a look around your local area you will find many different types of birth classes, led by many different people (more on the people part in a moment). One thing you will perhaps notice is that Childbirth Classes tend to be cheaper than Hypnobirthing classes and tend to form a "course" of X number of hours or weeks. Yoga and movement-based classes can sometimes be done 'ad hock' on a weekly basis and tend to be cheaper still. But curiously some classes are double, if not triple the cost of others? Well, this is because of the content.

Before Antenatal Training UK was born I regularly ran what I termed "Very Important Pregnancy" Birth Classes. (I still do, just not as often - as sometimes I was running 3 fully booked classes each month). This included a full course of Childbirth AND Hypnobirthing content. I also offered a Birth Bliss Bag full of treats and spoilt my parents with strawberries chocolate and non alcoholic bubbles on arrival - I made it into a treat for them. I used to teach these classes in Leicester and get bookings from parents living as far away as Oxford, even London. They travelled to me for two reasons - the course content being one of them. The Educator being the other.

Earnings wise a full standard childbirth class costs around £65, Hypnobirthing is upwards of £150, so combine these together and you can expect to charge upwards of £200. That means earning potential of £1600 per 14 hour course (based on 8 couples per group).

Take Away: To Maximise your earnings - Maximise your class content.

How does "The Person" influence a childbirth teachers salary?

Another important element to the charging / income query is that of the educator running the course. Take for example a well-known Doula, she charges £2,000 for a standard package. A simple package from a not so well know Doula would probably be around the £850-£1000 mark. So why the difference? It has nothing to do with experience and everything to do with how you position or present yourself in the marketplace, and your business model.

This is more than "marketing", this is about understanding and presenting your unique offerings, your expertise. Your story. There are many elements which go into this, but ultimately get it right and you can charge a premium as well as have a fully booked class with clients coming from further afield to get to you. Did you know that I never did any advertising? I still do not for my birth classes - every client comes to me through word of mouth. I do not even have a facebook page.

Now you may not know anything about positioning, and that’s fine. Social Media have lots of course options for you, you may find a free group to help you understand what it is about - it won’t help you actually do it, but it’s a great place to start. Or sign up for our Advanced Marketing Course - or get this module free within the Extended Childbirth and Hypnobirthing Diploma.

Take Away: How to present yourself to potential clients will impact a huge amount on what you can charge.

Working under a banner:

This is the other option. Some training providers offer you the chance to work under their banner. They do the marketing for you, they have the website, the social media etc etc. This is very viable option if you’re not that interested in marketing, don’t have the time to do it or perhaps you want to get started straight away with classes, but would like to slowly build your own brand on the side. NCT and Birth + are two such examples. Only you do need to be careful with this option as many companies will cancel classes that don’t fill up, leaving you without income. So, check this out before you commit.

So, what can you earn as a childbirth educator under a brand? Well there are two main ways of working wth a brand - getting paid per hour or per parent. 

As we previously identified, the NCT work on a per hour basis, and following a 2 years university course costing £12,500 - they pay around £18ph. This works out to be around £ 216 - £250 depending on what course you are facilitating. This does rise to around £25 p/h after 5 years. 

Birth+ do it the other way round, they pay you based on a per parent basis. This works out to be around £960 for a full course, paybale form the moment you qualify - not after 5 years, and if you have at least one client booked, we do not cancel classes. Although, doing it this way means less bookings, less income, even with just one parent booked you are still earning the living hourly wage and you wont have wasted you time setting up a course, for someone else to cancel it. 

I do not know enough about other brands to comment on exactly what or how they pay, but a simple email to enquire with any you are interested with, will help you with this.

Take Away: Finding the right brand to work with can help maximise your salary.

In conclusion

Can you make a real living on a childbirth educators’ salary? Yes!! Absolutely. If you get the right training and the right positioning and business model, you can reasonably expect to earn upwards of £20,000 p/a working part time around your family commitments.

These figures are for outside of London, take a look at classes within 20 miles from where you would like to run your classes to gauge an idea of local pricing.

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as a Childbirth Educator?