Why we think we are a little bit special 😊

How you learn

You may have already looked around at other courses. If you haven’t please do! We really want you to be certain this is exactly right for you. As you look around you may notice that most offer a workshops only or workshop compulsory training, over 2 or 3 days. Personally, we feel this is a very limited approach, firstly the time – exactly how much can you learn in just 2 or 3 days? Learning takes time, learning needs to be absorbed, learning needs to be repeated and learning needs to be delivered to suit the learner. For example, extroverts may love displaying their talents in a room of strangers, whereas the introvert may hate this. Learning must recognise and support student’s individuality! 

We have a breakdown of learning and the pros and cons of the different styles here…

With Antenatal Training UK, your classroom is all online. You will have a module on a topic such as Reflection or Birth. This module is then broken down into easy to digest units like pain relief or male hormones. Some units will have a simple task at the end to help you craft your answers and knowledge base ready for the assignment. The assignment will come at the end of each module. These modules will form your portfoilo.

A lot of modules will ask you to join in a Live session with your tutor or hop onto facebook where we will have a group discussion. In addition to all this there will be practical hands on tasks, serious help with the all-important business and marketing skills (in fact we offer lifelong business and learning support should you want). We do have optional workshops – we said we recognise different learning styles and needs, and that is genuine.

Find out more about the assignments and workshops here...

Being online means you are better able to absorb the learning. You can go over things you want more clarity on, you can fit your learning around your commitments, take as long as you want and importantly there is no extra fees, no traveling or parking hassle, no stress or missed classes due to illness.

Business Support

Before turning to the world of birth, Lizzie has worked some very big names over her career in marketing – McDonalds, Sabb etc. In fact she has been self employed since she was just 17 years old. She admitts that learning about marketing has taken years and years, but her real training came with some huge names – Rudy Mawer being just one. (if you don’t know who he is, he charges £10,000 just to hear him speak, £20,000 to do a workshop and to get him to work with you…… well lets just say we are glad Lizzie paid the money!)

We are so passionate about making you a success that Lizzie is including her business and marketing course, that normally costs £660 – into the Advanced Diploma (and a shortened version with the foundation Diploma).

There is simply so much within this course is just silly – Crafting your brand, offer and USP, getting inside the psyche and soul of your customer, Social media, blogging – yeh standard stuff right? How about chucking in email swipes, Social media planners, done for you funnel templates, website copy? Now we are talking! (in fact you may notice that Antenatal Training UK facebook page is a bit erm – bare?) How about also adding in why facebook is not the best for ROI and where to really spend your time?.... Lizzie is currently doing another degree in Experiential Marketing just for this purpose, and yes this will be in the course too!


So now you know a bit about Lizzie, well now its time to shout about your other Tutors – Mia Scotland, Ruth Olayinka and Isobel Jordan. So that’s Marketing, Maternity, Psychiatrist specialising in Maternal mental health, Hypnotherapist specialising in Maternity, and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) all under one roof ! What other course can offer you all this expert and specialist support?

We give back..... Birth+

This is our baby, our dream of 8 years. To make an impact on mental health issues in new parents. Birth+ is a network of highly qualified expert Childbirth Educators that truly make the difference to families. Acting as the "agency", Birth+ connects parents to be with their local Antenatal Training UK Childbirth Educator to deliver a totally different concept in childbirth education. This agency offers free places to identified vulnerable families, worth £167. If you complete the Advanced Diploma you are eligible to join Birth+ as an educator if you wish. Find out more here…

We give back.....again

We honestly do. For each student that enrols, we donate to the Woodland Trust to plant 10 trees. We also donate to Ruth Olayinka’s social enterprise whereby she records scripts for hypnobirthing practitioners to use – FREE. That’s a huge database of resources for various circumstances that vulnerable parents may need to use. As a student if you study the ADVANCED Diploma, you will have access to these scripts for your parents. YET ANOTHER USP for you !!!

We also have the Stanley Harcourt Access Fund –  Subject to space, women can apply for a scholarship to meet the FULL cost of their training. Applications are accepted from women who are of an Ethnic Minority, Person of Colour, Wheelchair user, Hearing or sight impediment. Contact us for more details. 

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as a Childbirth Educator?