Please read the following information carefully as this forms part of your contract when you enroll on your course.


  • The course fees are clearly listed throughout the website including the checkout page. There are options to either pay as one payment or installments. 
  • If you pay in installments you can only complete a maximum of two modules per installment paid. Labour and Birth, Hypnobirthing and Mental Health are classed as 2 modules for installment reasons.
  • You will only ever be able to study one module at any one point. Once a module assessment has been completed, the next module will automatically open, providing payments are up to date.
  •  Installment Payments can only be made via PayPal or Stripe. Payment in full can be made via bank transfer or cheque.
  • Installment payments will automatically be set up for the same day each month. The number of installments will vary depending on which option is selected on enrolment. 
  • Under our guarantee and Distance and online selling rules, you have 14 days in which to notify us of the cancellation of the contract and request a full refund. After 14 days, once payment has been made - either an installment or payment in full, no refund can be made, under any circumstances. The right to cancel does not apply to our taster course or any course under £42 in value.

Course Structure

  • All modules are delivered online via the website. This includes assessments.
  • Upon sign up and the first payment, you will receive login details to your account and access to the course. Please allow up to 24 hours for this email to arrive.
  • Workshops are arranged when you have completed (or close to completing the course). You will receive an email inviting you to a workshop with booking details. They are optional for all students aside from those wishing to teach for Birth+.
  • Support sessions with Tutors are held monthly and will be advertised on our Facebook page. This counts as part of your "face to face training".
  • There is no time limit on completing the course. However, it is expected that students can complete the courses within 6 months for the Foundation Diploma and 9 months for the Advanced Diploma.
  • After the required number of installments have been paid, you will become an "unenrolled student". The course will still remain open to you, and our qualification guarantee still stands, whilst the company is operating. This includes marking and feedback on assignments, access to the Facebook groups, lives etc. However, personal tutorial support can only be offered at the discretion of Antenatal Training UK, due to the need to maintain high standards of teaching to currently enrolled students.
  • If you wish to remain an "enrolled student" with personal tutorial support, there will be a maintenance fee of £11 per month.
  • Should the company ceases to operate;  
    • enrolled students will receive 9 months' notice to complete their studies, following the initial 9-month study period. 
    • Unenrolled students will receive 3 months' notice to complete their studies, following the initial 9-month study period.
  • Either Diploma allows you to train as an independent antenatal practitioner. You may set your own prices and conduct your courses any way you chose. If you choose to teach for Birth +, professional conduct standards and CPD of 150 hours per year is required. The details will be set out in an annual license agreement. 

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