This is a list of some of the most popular books to help you on your journey. Although the course will give you all the information you need to qualify with us, birth and breastfeeding is a lifelong learning journey and you will find yourself dipping in and out of books during your career. If your intention is to undertake the IBLCE exam you will need extra resources and books. 

I have placed a marker next to books that are suitable for those wanting to, or open to considering the IBLCE exam. These are highly recommended for exam study and Lactation Consultants will often refer to these over and over – However, they are expensive. Although they would make a great investment, if funds are tight, I'd recommend borrowing these from a library or definitely sourcing them second hand (please be mindful of the date of publication). You may have more success with a university library than your local one.

Boost Your Breast Milk: An All-in-One Guide for Nursing Mothers to Build a Healthy Milk Supply. 

One of the most common questions you will answer is “what can I eat to make more milk?". This book is written by a LC and dietician. It contains lots of useful information as well as recipes.  Ideal for both your education, and one you can recommend to clients.

The Breastfeeding Atlas

A must-have text for students and candidates for the IBLCE exam. This text book is full of images and many many senarios. It comes reccomended by absolutely everyone!

The Comprehensive Lactation Consultant Exam Review

The Exam review contains over 800 questions and 30+ new clinical pictures. It also has a publisher access Code for an online assessment tool that offers case-based questions and detailed rationales.

Balancing Breast and Bottle

By 6 weeks old the majority of babies have been moved from breast to bottle.  Ultimately our aim is to support the parents to breastfeed for as long as they wish, however if they do move to bottle this is where the support tends to stop - abruptly. This is a great book to learn about flow rate, nipple/teat size and shape, dummys, “nipple confusion”… all these things that we don’t learn while studying for the IBLCE exam, but perhaps needed to offer your parents full informed support. 

The Big Letdown: How Medicine, Big Business, and Feminism Undermine Breastfeeding


Unlatched: the Evolution of Breastfeeding and the Making of a Controversy

Ethics are one of the topics that rear its head over and over. These are great books that help you understand why choice isnt always a choice. Ive put these two books together because of one thing - racsim. One book was written by a lady of colour, the other by a white women. It is interesting and disturbing to see the difference experiences. 

Finding Sufficiency


Breastfeeding without Birthing.

These two books deal with the same issue from different angles. They both center on situations where a parent isn’t making a “full milk supply” due to physiological reasons. They go beyond the supply and demand answer and give indepth answers to supporting induced laction for adoptive or surgoate parents as well as issues like PCOS and minimal gladular tissue. 

Making more Milk

Anyone who work in breastfeeding knows this is the bread and butter stuff.

The book starts with simple things like- how to know if you’re making enough milk. Then it deep dives into areas that affect milk supply.... lactogenic foods and spices, pumping to increase supply, latch problems that may affect supply… all of it.  

Supporting Sucking Skills

Its not always about the parent right? This book goes into almost every possible reason a baby might find it hard to suckle - and what to do about it. Lots of pictures, case studies and tips. 

Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong

I keep seeing this reccomended everywhere. To be honest I havent actualy read this one, however, it does seen like it has a lot of very valuable content for anyone building a career in the lactation field. Its covers topics like technology, organising, developing and marketing.  I cant go anywhere without tripping over this book, so its got to be worth a mention? Let me know!

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