Hypnobirthing is all about understanding the interplay between the mind and hormones, and how this affects labour. Hormones are integral to a normal birth but sometimes outside influences such as the birth environment and individula circumstances can interfere with this process and cause complications during labour. Hypnobirthing assists the body to produce the right hormones – the outcome? A gentle, natural, often pain free birth with a calm baby and empowered parents. It has nothing to do with squawking like a chicken!

This complete birth education programme teaches simple but specific techniques for an enriched birth experience. Also ideal for parents considering a caesarean Section.

This course will teach you:

  • What is hypnosis and how is it used during labour?
  • The interplay between the modern and primal brain
  • Hypnobirthing is "unlearning"
  • The Fear, Pain, Tension Cycle
  • Anchoring oxytocin and endorphins
  • Deepeners and fear release
  • Using recording and scripts
  • Breathing exercises
  • Birth Stories
  • Language, reframing
  • And loads more!

This module is included in its full entirety within the ADVANCED Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Education Diploma.

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