Upon sign up you will reveice access to the first module. You must pass each module before the next is available to you.

Throughout each module you will find powerpoints, videos, links, examples, quizzes, diagrames, assignments and a reading list.

As you progress through the modules any quizzes or online activities will be atuomaticaly marked allowing you to progress smoothly to the next stage will no delays. In addiotnal you will be building a portfoilo and as such there will be assignments to complete for submission which are not marked automaticaly (like reflections). However, these do not need to be submitted untill completion of the last module. It is important you engage fully with thes portfolilo assignments as although they will not affect your progression through the course you will need to be able to have a dicussion around what you have learnt at the workshop.

At the end of module 6 you will be ready to start building and marketign your courses. At the end of module 8 you will sumitt your portfiolo for feedback, receive your qualifiaction!

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as an Childbirth Educator?