Confused about how to become an Antenatal Teacher?

Well it doesn’t surprise me, not only is the term interchangeable with other names, there are also a great many ways to prepare for birth and journey into parenthood and the industry itself is variable.

Lets take a look at some background before looking at the two steps to becoming a Antenatal Teacher. 

Childbirth Education Background

The term Antenatal Educator or Antenatal Teacher tends to be a UK term. The US use Childbirth Educator or Childbirth Teacher more often than we do – why? It is just a quirk of culture. They are however one and the same thing.

Although parents birth the same worldwide, the system they birth in, the drugs and care offered are vasty different. So unless a business offers truly international tutors and supports you in understanding the differences, or unless you intend to teach outside of the UK, you may find yourself needing to untangle the course just to be able to place it into context.

The great thing about the array of offerings is that there are many different pathways for both you and your perspective clients, you just need to find your fit. At its core, training to become a Antenatal Educator should give you the tools to support any parent with any type of birth. By the end of your training, you should feel confident to deliver and facilitate active discussions on a wide variety of topics, supporting parents to make decisions regarding their birth and journey.

You will also find that childbirth education fits around so many other opportunities, like baby and toddler classes, doula-ing, breastfeeding counselling etc. Not only is it a very expansive area, you will find that once you have a client, they will automatically return to you for any other services you also offer and of course as parents seek support of other parents, they will recommend you to their friends! This gives you a huge scope to carve out a fully tailored role to suit your individual desires. It maybe that you have already considered a toddler or baby massage business, perhaps even a children’s book club? Well becoming an antenatal teacher just gives you a first step to gaining customers from the very start of their journey, and the beauty is that you can retain that parent until your services "run out".

Of course, to ensure that you retain your clients from the very first, to the very last service, means that your first contact and first service to them is impeccable. Getting that high quality training and support to successfully launch your business is therefore the most important hurdle. 

Becoming an Childbirth Eduactor, allows  for a great deal of felxibility and longevity. Work from a professional setup, from home and online, even the garden! 

So what is the first step to becoming a Antenatal or Childbirth Educator?

Start by thinking about you.  Answering these questions will help you filter courses that best suited to your needs.

  • When did you last study?
  • How confident are you?
  • Do you have any business or marketing skills or are you able to invest in further training after qualifying?
  • What about time and life commitments – Would you find it easier to study at your own pace from home, or do you work better with deadlines, set study days and exams?
  • How about any aspects that particularly interest you – such as spiritual side, mental health or yoga. In which case seek out a course that fits your personal ethos. Keeping your “voice” authentic is important in birth work.

And lastly – allow yourself to dream. In five years where do you want your business to go? Do you want to just be doing childbirth class, or perhaps you’d also like to offer hypnobirthing or breastfeeding as well? There is value to thinking this far ahead, you will find that once you have made a connection with a parent, they will often use all of your services you offer. Finding a provider that offers multiple courses would be a great way to ensure the longevity of your client base.

So now you have your answers and you’ve found a few courses that interest you.  The second step is to chose one! 

Again like before ask questions of the course provider. Give them a ring and see how you connect on a personal level with them. This is important as you can judge the level of knowledge and support you will get.

  • What does the website look like? Is it professional, easy to use, can you find out all the answers to your questions? If not, why not? If they can’t put a professional website together, then your journey with them will stop when you become qualified and they won’t be able to help you with becoming a successful Childbirth Teacher.
  • Keeping on this theme – do they have a money back guarantee? Free trial? Newsletters? Is their branding consistent across all the platforms they use? ie does the website match the Facebook or IG page? This will give you an idea of ther business skills. Just because they say they can do it, does not mean to say it is true!
  • Do they give a breakdown of all the modules you will study? Do they tell you exactly how the course  is run?
  • How qualified are the teachers? Is it just one person or a team of experts? How are these people? Do they have guest tutors
  • How is the course delivered and marked? Do you have to wait for course enrolment or start or can you crack on immediately? How about the length of time t take to qualify? You may have time on your hands meaning you want to qualify as soon as possible; you may have life commitments that mean you need flexibility in when you study and how long it takes you.  
  • Once qualified as a childbirth teacher, do you work for them or are you independent? Being part of a brand is great as long as their ethos matches yours. If these interests, you check out what you will get paid and who often you will be able to work
  • And lastly -payment. How much, how often?

We give a full breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of the types of study here…

Congratulations!! You found your course, you enrolled, you studied and now you are a fully qualified

Antenatal or Childbirth Educator!! 

Join the birth community and have fun! There is honestly no other career that’s so rewarding.

Welcome to your new career as a Childbirth Educator.

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as a Childbirth Educator?