Have seen just how many ways are there to train to be a childbirth educator - confusing right?

I know I've given you loads of questions to ask potential course providers and tips to help you pick the right course for you, but you're still cautious?

  • How can you be sure that you you will keep up and manage the workload?
  •  What happens if your child is ill and you miss a lesson?
  • What about traveling, parking, the stress?
  • What happens if you find the course overwhleming?
  • How do you know the course is good quality?
  • Will this really give you the work, life balance you are looking for?

It's great you are asking these questions, even with accreditation to various bodies, you cant be absolutely sure that training will deliver what you need, in the way that suits you, but more importantly, it’s a big investment in your future. I get that.

So how can we support you in knowing that THIS course will help you gain what you need? Yes we offer a rock-solid, no BS, no catch guarantee, with absolutely no silly small print because we stand by our quality, but let's go a few steps further -

How about I just show you?

Proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

Come and take a look behind the scenes, try a few of the modules. See some of the videos, meet the tutors, view the PowerPoints, and try a few quizzes to see how it all works.

And you can put your card away. This isn’t one of those "try for free, but we will charge you in 30 days" schemes. I say you can have these units for free, then you can try them out for free. No catch, No BS, ever.

We absolutely stand by our belief that this is one, if not the best training around and I genuinely want to prove to you just how much we can help you reach your goal, how prepared and confident you will be after qualifying.

And yes these are real units from the Advanced Diploma course as well.

Come on!! Lets get started…

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as a Childbirth Educator?