Module 1 Hypnobirthing Practitioner
Unit 1 Hypnobirthing is Unlearning.
Unit 2 A.2 Fear, Pain, Tension, Cycle.
Unit 3 A.3 Anchoring
Unit 4 A.4 Using Recordings and Scripts
Unit 5 A.5 Hypnosis Explained
Unit 6 A.6 How Hypnosis Is Used During Labour
Unit 7 A.7 Breathing Techniques
Unit 8 A.8 Anchoring Oxytocin
Unit 9 A.9 Anchoring Endorphins
Unit 10 A.10 The Interplay between the Modern Brain and the Primal Brain
Unit 11 Limiting Beliefs Around Childbirth
Unit 12 A.12 Perception of Pain
Unit 13 A.13 Birth Environment
Unit 14 A.14 Deepeners
Unit 15 A.15 Fear Release
Unit 16 A.16 Language and Reframing
Unit 17 Assessment