Module 1 Hypnobirthing
Unit 1 Module Guide, Reading List and Assessment
Unit 2 A.1 Hypnobirthing is Unlearning.
Unit 3 A.2 Fear, Pain, Tension, Cycle.
Unit 4 A.3 Anchoring
Unit 5 A.4 Using Recordings and Scripts
Unit 6 A.5 Hypnosis Explained
Unit 7 A.6 How Hypnosis Is Used During Labour
Unit 8 A.7 Breathing Techniques
Unit 9 A.8 Anchoring Oxytocin
Unit 10 A.9 Anchoring Endorphins
Unit 11 A.10 The Interplay between the Modern Brain and the Primal Brain
Unit 12 A.11 Where Do Our Birth Stories Come From?
Unit 13 A.12 Perception of Pain
Unit 14 A.13 Birth Environment
Unit 15 A.14 Deepeners
Unit 16 A.15 Fear Release
Unit 17 A.16 Language and Reframing
Unit 18 Assessment
Module 8 Marketing and Business Skills
Unit 1 Module Guide, Reading List and Assignment
Unit 2 Finding Your Voice
Unit 3 Website and Logo Design
Unit 4 Social Media
Unit 5 Traditional Marketing - Posters, Leaflets
Unit 6 Business Plan
Unit 7 Assessment
Module 11 Advanced Marketing Skills
Unit 1 Copy Writing
Unit 2 Funnel Selling, E-books, Automated emails
Unit 3 Social Media - Advanced
Unit 4 Events Management
Unit 5 Auto repsonders, Emails and Contact
Unit 6 Press Releases
Unit 7 SEO