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I know we already have a rock-solid, no BS, no catch guarantee, but let's go a few steps further..

Come and take a look behind the scenes, try a few of the modules, even a quizz. Test it and see how it all works.

And you can put your card away. This isn’t one of those "try for free, but we will charge you in 30 days" schemes. I say you can have these units for free, then you can try them out for free.

No catch, No time limit, No BS, ever.    More...


Diploma in Antenatal Education and Teaching

This Diploma is one of the most comprehensive childbirth qualifications around and is written by the UK's top experts. 

By the end of the course you will have gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully run your own childbirth business and teach in any setting, including running your own classes, working for the local NHS or private medical establishment. You do not need any prior experince, skills or qualifications. More...

£130 pm x5

EXTENDED Diploma in Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education and Teaching

This course covers the same 9 foundation modules in the FOUNDATION Diploma, PLUS an additional 4 modules.

These additional four modules will really help your classes stand out from the crowd! This option will also allow you to either operate independently and set up your own classes and prices, OR become a Birth+ Facilitator. More..

£150 pm x 8

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

If you are already an Antenatal Educator, then you should consider adding this course to your classes. 

Your parents will love you for it.

Enable a calm, relaxed, comfortable birth. Suitable for any environment and any birth. More ...

£150 pm x 3

Mental Health

 Every year that goes by mental health issues and trauma in new parents rises, whilst for the past 15 years, sucide remains a leading cause of maternal death!

This has to stop. 

This module is designed to help you integrate mental health topics into your classes, to better support and build resilience, protecting your parents. More..

£130 pm x 3

Certified Doula

 Becoming a Doula is a time-honoured tradition that dates back millions of years. Research shows us that Doulas positively impact on parents in ways that other maternity workers don’t. For example, a reduction in mental health and pain relief needs.

This course is designed as a "bolt-on" to compliment exsisting or current training. You must either already be qualified as an antenatal teaacher or working towards this, to enrole in this module. 


£150 pm x 2

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