Our Antenatal Education Diploma is one of the most comprehensive qualifications around, written by a full panel of expert tutors. By the end of the course, you will have gained the skills, knowledge, and confidence to successfully run your own business and teach in any setting, including running your own classes, working for the local NHS or private medical establishment. You do not need any prior experience, skills, or qualifications.

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Module 1: Reflection

Reflective practice ensures your awareness of the impact that past experiences, your own beliefs, and values have on behavior, current and future thoughts, and decision making.
This module is designed to help you:

  • Understand why reflection is important
  • Demonstrate ways in which to reduce the impact of your influence.

Module 2: Research

Research is a fundamental part of antenatal education practice and underpins the information we pass onto women and their partners. However, not all research is equal and many policies are not evidence-based.

  • Understand and assess research
  • How research is implemented (or not) in practice
  • How to utilise this information within your classes to better support your parents.

Module 3: Labour And Birth

This module will guide you through natural birth, interventions and common issues that parents might face. This module is designed to help you: 

  • Build your knowledge on labour and birth for both natural and medicated births.
  • Deliver a balanced supportive class
  • Produce a range of materials for your classes
  • Assist your parents in making decisions regarding their birth and parenting journey.

Module 4: Partners

This module will enable you to guide partners through the process of birth, developing their confidence and understanding and identifying the impact birth has on them. This unit will also help you to intergrate realtionship enhancement which is beneficial to both parenst mental health needs. Did you know that cis fathers hormones change during pregnacy and can impact on birth and bonding with their newborn? 

This module is designed to help you:

  • Develop your understanding in the various roles that partners fulfill and how this can affect them.
  • Understand the difference and importance between active and passive support that the partner can give through pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.
  • Learn how to reinforce the importantance of mental health for partners, why and how this is absolutly vital for them, and how they can directly and positivly impact on their relationship to enhance and protect this on their journey. 

Module 5: Newborn Health and Wellbeing

You will learn all about the newborn needs, from the first hour of life to the 6th week. Newborn illnesses are included in this module, as research shows, that the lives of babies could be saved if this was covered in childbirth classes.
This module is designed to help you:

  • Understand how a baby develops
  • Newborn illnesses
  • General care
  • Feeding decisions

Module 6: The 4th Trimester

Focusing on the parents this module covers the transitional journey from birth to around 3 months old. Sometimes tricky to navigate and usually full of anxiety.

This Module is designed to help you:

  • Understand and discuss the transition to parenthood and their new identities with your parents.
  • Managing emotions, visitors and expressing needs
  • Conflict resolution and compassion within the partnership
  • The importance of Self care

Module 7: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that the majority of mothers wish to do, but many “fail” at.

This module is designed to help you:

  • How to get breastfeeding off to a good start
  • Understand and address common paternal issues and concerns
  • How to effectively run a Breastfeeding session within class or as stand alone sessions

(Please note this module is not designed for the IBCLC exam. If you wish to become a breastfeeding counsellor or IBCLC we can "bolt on" extra modules for you. Please contact us for details)

Module 8: Teaching Skills

This module will help you develop your communication skills, confidence and knowledge to help you guide groups of expectant parents through pregnancy and into parenthood.
This module is designed to help you:

  • Explore different ways of learning
  • Apply principles of managing group dynamics
  • Design, evaluate and conduct courses

Module 9: Marketing

This module will help you launch your dream job!
This module is designed to help you:

  • Explore your local community to identify where your business fits into current services
  • Understand basic marketing skills such as social media, websites and SEO, copywriting, blogging, business plans and why you need to know what car your target audience drives!
  • Identify potential funding sources
Step 1: Gain Knowledge.

Work your way through our online, interactive, and active learning environment. Complete the modules at your own pace, in your own time. At the end of these modules you will be qualified! Ideal for those students with experience who just need a "rubber stamp". 

Step 2: Apply Knowledge.

Live tutorials with the tutors will help you understand the content the modules and then apply it. Using scenarios, case studies and discussions you will take your knowledge to the next level!

Step 3: Practice  Knowledge

Our workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills. Workshops are optional for this course. Details are sent out towards the end of your training inviting you to consider attending. 

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