Our mission is to make the UK birth better by providing the most comprehensive, evidence-based qualifications for a new generation of antenatal educators.

Antenatal Training UK believes that simply getting qualified to deliver great childbirth classes or assist with births is not enough to make you successful. That's why Antenatal Training UK gives your childbirth classes that all important "Unique Selling Point '' to make you stand head and shoulders over other offerings for parents. Through the provision of a unique class structure AND expert marketing modules AND a community for ongoing career development, Antenatal Training UK will help you become a successful antenatal teacher. 

Antenatal Training UK's unique approach

Gone are the days where you can just teach about hoping off the bed, turning off the lights and massage. Parents are rightly demanding more. They want to connect to each other, they want to really understand their roles, emotions and be fully prepared as a partnership when entering birth. The impact of not meeting these needs under an increasingly demanding social structure, medicalised birth field, staff shortages and underfunded units is trauma and mental health issues. 

Every year that goes by mental health issues in new parents rises, whilst for the past 15 years, sucide remains a leading cause of maternal death! This has to stop. Training of childbirth teachers and the content of classes has to step up. 

And so after 8 years of collaborative research and development, Antenatal Training UK launched two types of Diplomas, designed to enable childbirth educators to deliver a new approch to classes, that not only support parents in their choices, but to also include elements that are traditionally missing from standard classes. 

  • Nurture, support and build the connection between parents
  • Building mental and emotional resilience
  • Creating strategies for varying pregnancy and birth pathways 
  • Placing as much importance on the postnatal period as the birth itself

This is what makes YOU stand out from the rest.  

But it doesn't stop there

Notice how other courses just train you? What is the point of that? Unless you have a degree in marketing and business you might find that training and being successful are totally two different things! 

We want to support parents and change the birth experience for them, that's why we have set this qualification up and why you are here considering this training. But we will fail in our aims if you don't succeed. For us, supporting you to be successful, is not lip service, it's paramount to our values. That's why our Tutors have not only been selected for their knowledge, but proven business and marketing skills, and why we offer ongoing community support. 

If you decide to complete the EXTENDED Diploma in Antenatal, Hypnobirthing Education Teaching, you will also have the option to teach for us through Birth+. Perfect if you want to make a difference but prefer the support of a nationwide company. 

Are you ready to run a sucessful business as a Childbirth Educator?